Simplifying Wellness with Whole Food

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Elisa Pulliam, Your Wellness Guide

Simplifying Wellness
with a Whole Food Life

Can you imagine a lifestyle in which whole food was the foundation of your diet? Let's just say, I  NEVER thought I'd become a whole food gal because I was addicted to sugar in every form. From coffee cake to cookies and muffins, graham crackers and sugar-injected chips, chocolate and ice cream, white wine and sangria. The thought of giving all that up! Ugh! Maybe that's how you feel.

Maybe sugar isn't your thing, but your love of cheese makes its way into every meal. Or maybe you don't want to give up that grab-and-go snack that makes life just a bit easier. I completely understand.

Food is essential for nourishing our bodies but finding the time to eat well can overwhelming when life is too busy and full of its own challenges. Who has the time to learn a new way of eating or the mental capacity to embrace a whole new lifestyle?

You can learn, friend, because I did.

I'm that girl who thought she could never give up comfort foods and sugary sweets. I'm that girl who thought she could never eat and enjoy veggies and fruits. I'm that girl who thought organic was a scam for spending whole paycheck on whole foods.

Maybe you're that girl too. If you are, I'm here to help you! I can show you how to make a transition towards wellness through a whole food lifestyle.

Be well,

Elisa Pulliam, Your Wellness Guide


Step One

Harness Your Motivation

In order to find success in transitioning to a whole food lifestyle, you first have to pinpoint your motivation. What is the reason you want to change?

Do you want to lose weight so that you can. . .

  • to fit into your clothes?
  • feel more comfortable?
  • be more agile?

Do you want to gain health benefits like . . .

  • lowering your cholesterol
  • reducing inflammation?
  • taking care of your heart?

Do you want to live free from the . . .

  • stronghold of an addiction?
  • dependency on food for comfort?
  • worry about cancer capitalizing on your unhealthy diet?
  • side effects of illness and sickness related to food?

Initially, I embraced a whole food diet in search of what was making me sick. But within 30 days of the transition, I was convinced there was so much more to gain . . . feeling better, losing weight,  caring for my health, and guiltlessly falling asleep at night because I no longer felt bad about what I ate.

So what will be your starting point motivator? Can't figure it out? I can help! Let's book a wellness coaching appointment to harness your motivation.

Step Two

Determine Your Plan

Whole30 Cookbook

If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

So the most critical step in transitioning into a wellness-focused lifestyle is in making a plan for how you'll replace your current eating habits with new healthy ones.

As you probably already realize, the options are limitless. You can choose a program that you have to pay for or one that you follow on through a book or website. You can opt for counting calories or points. If you think those kinds of plans will give you the structure to start off focused and the ability to maintain the results you desire, then go for it!

I tried all those options and found minimal success.

The counting plans capitalize on behavior modification without revealing core mindset, which is what influences habits.

In contrast, the Whole30 approach provides a foundation for education right along with revealing the thought process behind behavior patterns.

Through doing the Whole30, I discovered I used food for comfort instead of nourishment and realized the devasting impact of my sugar addiction. In addition, the Whole30 plan provided a "wake-up to reality" kind of education about what is in the food I thought was healthy!

If you think Whole30 may be the best plan for you to explore to help you transition into a whole food lifestyle, you can learn more about it here.

Before beginning any diet or weight loss plan, check with your doctor.

Step Three

Five Keys to Wellness Success

After you've picked your plan, the next step is to prep for a strong start. These five key steps will work well no matter what plan you choose:

  1. Pick Your Starting Date
    Be realistic about what is happening in your life and the temptations before you. However, strike while the iron is hot and you're feeling motivated!
  2. Plan Your First Week of Food
    Determine what you'll eat for every meal and make it as easy and familiar as possible to reduce decision fatigue and reverting to old habits under stress.
  3. Plan Your Menu and Shop for On-Plan Foods
    Schedule a time to go shopping for the food for the first week. Not sure what to eat? I've made it super simple with custom-curated Whole30 7-day Menus, which you can find here.
  4. Clear Out Off-Plan Foods
    Ruthlessly throw away or give away everything that tempts you that is not on plan. If you have to leave some of the food in the house for other family members, move it to a new location so they have to go looking for it and you'll not be tempted to go to it by default.
  5. Tell Everyone What You're Doing
    Invite one person to do your new plan with you or be your accountability partner. Go on facebook and tell everyone what you're pressing on towards for a sense of extra accountability.

Personally, I'd love to see you use the Whole30 Plan as the foundation for moving into your wellness lifestyle because of the impact it had on my life. But regardless of the plan you choose, these five steps will help you move toward success.

Step Four

Pick Your Mindset Mantra


When it comes to pursuing a new wellness lifestyle, the one thing that will seal the detail your success is your mindset. For example, the mantra with Whole30 is . . .

This isn't hard. Cancer is hard.

That mantra was critical whenever I faced a temptation or felt I couldn't "do this any longer."

Maybe that's the mindset mantra that will work for you. Or maybe you need to come up with something else, like these:

Nothing worth having comes easy.

You may see me struggle, but you'll never see me quit.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Food is not my god. It won't tell me what to do.

What your mindset mantra is doesn't matter as much as the importance it is to you.


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