Holy Whole {A Guide into Wellness}

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If you’d like to find success in your wellness journey and experience what I have found in mine, I encourage you to start with your thought life.

As a way to help you do that, I created the Holy Whole for my tribe over at More to Be. I think you just might find it is beneficial for you too!

Holy Whole is a guide to wellness looking at stewardship of our bodies from a biblical perspective.

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Have you had it with diet plans that don’t work?

Are you frustrated with your chronic start-fail-stop all-together commitments to healthy eating and regular exercise?

Friend, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. For twenty years I vowed I’d lose five pounds at the start of every year, but instead, I gained five more pounds with every passing year.  I’d commit to an exercise plan, but injuries derailed my follow-through just at the moment I was gaining momentum and strength.

The problem wasn’t that the plan didn’t work.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t count calories well enough.

It was that I lacked will-power or follow-through.

The problem was that I was trying to accomplish something with my body without having my heart and mind engaged.

I was busy adopting everyone else’s ideas instead of getting in touch with how my core beliefs were impacting my daily choices and habits.

It’s kind of shocking since the one thing I advocate for the most is getting our minds in gear in order to impact our actions. In my work as a life coach and coach trainer, I help women discover how to uncover why they do what they do by tapping into their core beliefs and core values. Throughout my work at a More to Be, I’ve emphasized the importance of thinking biblically so that we can live transformed.

Somehow, when it came to caring for my body I didn’t hold to the same principles. I focused entirely on changing behavior — a new diet or exercise plan — instead of engaging my mind as well as my heart in the process of caring for my body. Crazy, right? Maybe you find yourself in the same place.

Finding sustainable success in this wellness journey begins with changing our thoughts to line up with truth not feelings.

In my journey, it wasn’t that Whole30 was the secret to my success, rather that Whole30 triggered a new way of thinking about food and my source of comfort. That “ah-ha” became the starting point for a new way of thinking and thereby living, but not overnight.

Our minds retain the pathways of our habits.


I had to get down to the root issues motivating my habits. I had to peer into my past to see where patterns first emerged. And, as a Christian, I also chose to tap into my faith as a way to move forward. Maybe that’s what you’re ready to do now too.

As a way to help you find sustainable wellness, I created the Holy Whole for my tribe over at More to Be. I think you just might find it is beneficial for you as well!

Holy Whole is a guide to wellness looking at stewardship of our bodies from a biblical perspective.


Holy Whole: Guiding You Into Wellness Through Wholehearted Devotion to God #Moretobe #BiblicalTransformation #Wellness


You might wonder, could this resource help me even if I don’t consider myself a spiritual person? Well, that’s really up to you! Most certainly you can gain something by considering how your thinking is influencing your living along with benefiting from the interactive worksheets designed to help you pinpoint where you’re at, how you got that, where you want to go, and what is standing in your way in terms of your wellness journey.

If you’re ready to learn a new way of thinking about your body that will change your living for the better, then Holy Whole is a tool for you!

Don’t let doubt or defeating thinking hold you back. Sister, you can start your holy whole journey into wellness today.

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