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A Journey of Transformation

Elisa Pulliam - It is Well


That’s my story. Plain and simple.

It has also become my mission to inspire and equip women to experience their own journey of transformation.

For me, my transformation journey began with my faith explosion in college, when I met God in a fresh new way and yielded my heart to Jesus. Ever since, God has been changing me from the inside out, first by turning my harden heart into a soft place filled with His love and hope. No doubt, God rescued me from myself and by doing so, preserved my marriage and motherhood through His emotional and spiritual healing work.

That work is what overflows into my fulltime work leading More to Be as well as serving as a life coach and coach trainer.

It's incredibly rewarding to help women from all over the world discover how to embrace personal transformation and lead a life of impact.

You could safely say I've been about wholeheartedly devoted to whole life transformation from an emotional and spiritual perspective, yet there was one area in which I didn't let God go. . . the care of my body and health.

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom physically that I began to think differently about stewarding the care of my body and pursing whole life wellness.

I tried to find a medical reason to explain my life-long health issues, only to discover that my diet as well as methods for treating my chronic pain due to suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, were actually the source of my problem.

Embracing a whole food diet wasn't ever supposed to be a long-term solution, but after feeling 100% better within 30 days and losing ten pounds, I couldn't go back. I knew my gut issues were completely food related. And my eyes were opened to seeing the toxicity I was allowing into my body for decades.

Surprisingly, I had been using essential oils for over a year, but it wasn't until I shifted to a whole food lifestyle that I began to recognize the toxins everywhere.

A massive shift occurred in my thinking, radically changing how I wanted to live.

I realized I could experience wellness in my body as much as I had in my heart and mind and soul.

Losing 25 pounds over six months, overcoming my sugar and food addiction, and experiencing freedom from gut issues that plagued my whole life up to that point was pretty compelling.

So, I drew a line in the sand. I made the choice to pursue wellness one thought and one habit at a time . . . not only for myself but for my whole family.

I'd like to help you do the same.

You can change.

You can experience whole life wellness too.

You can discover it can be well for you.

Let's be well, together.



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