Whole30 Travel Tips #ItIsWell #Whole30 #Wellness #Travel

Whole30 Travel Tips

There’s nothing like trying to stay healthy and Whole30 compliant while traveling. 

However, I’m here to say that while it may be hard, it is not impossible. 

My first round of Whole30 included two major trips in which I had no space to prepare my own meals. That was interesting! The clerk at the breakfast stand in the hotel figured out my normal order by day three . . . two fried eggs with bacon and no Croissant or cheese. Yes, I ate the bacon, even though I’m sure it was sugar-cured. For lunch, I looked for turkey and avocado sandwich without the bread and a side of fruit. Dinners included burgers with no bun or cheese. It wasn’t glamorous, but it worked. And the great thing was I didn’t get sick!

Whole30 Travel Tips #ItIsWell #Whole30 #Wellness #Travel

Now that I’m completely living gluten-free and dairy-free, those challenges are my norm. I’ve learned to not leave home with a lunch or dinner in a small cooler bag for the first day of travel. I load up on Lara Bars, homemade easy nut bars, fruit, and almond butter packets. And if I can book a place with a kitchen, like an Air B&B, that’s the best option so that I can cook my own easy meals and spend as much time enjoying life instead of being sick!

If you struggle with a traveler’s stomach on top of food intolerances, then having predictable and safe meals is key to stability for your gut and intestinal system.

Before you travel, take time to test out chain food locations. Chipotle is a great fast food option with their Whole30 compliant salad and Chick-fil-A’s grilled chicken sandwich is a safe “go to” as well.

Even with the best-laid plans, it’s possible you might find your system out of sorts. That’s why I don’t leave home without Digize Essential Oil from Young Living. While this oil may not smell the best, it is a game-changer. A drop in a small glass of water can completely relieve symptoms such as gas, bloating, and general tummy upset. Just be sure to carry it in a ziplock bag, because you won’t want a potent drop to escape into your purse! If you’d like to get your hands on Digize, email me and I’ll give you the details!

Seven Tips for Whole30 Stress-Free Travel

  1. Stay at an Air B&B or a suite with a kitchenette so that you can fix your own meals.
  2. Plan ahead which restaurant and meals offer options to stay Whole30 compliant.
  3. Pack a cooler filled with hard-boiled eggs, lunch meat, prosciutto, Lara Bars (Cashew CookieCoconut Cream PiePecan Pie), Bare Crunchy Apple Chips and nuts.
  4. Fix your travel day meals at home, such as a Taco Salad.
  5. Be wise at the continental breakfast bar by going for a hard-boiled egg and fruit. Carry with you an almond butter squeeze packet to boost your protein.
  6. Fill an essential oils carry case with DiGize, Peppermint, Lemon, Citrus Fresh (all available in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit) to add to a glass of water at each meal for tummy support and flavor.
  7. Don’t leave home without your favorite essential oils roll-ons to boost your immune system, aid in sleep, and decrease your stress. To find out my favorite recipes, join the Simplified Wellness group!

It may not feel like the good old days when travel including the adventure of dining out and indulging in sweet treats, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to do.

If Whole30 is your mission, you’ve only got to do this for such a short time.

But, if you’re like me, you may not return to your old ways once you experience the results and gain back your health. If that is the case, then these travel tips will become second nature for you and give you the freedom to continue enjoying the adventure without worry about what you’ll eat!

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