Ditch & Switch Toxin-Free Guide

Ditch & Switch to Toxin-Free Products

How do you know what’s safe to put on your body, use in your home, eat in your food?

Toxins are everywhere, so can we really avoid them?

We might not be able to avoid all of them, but we can do our best to minimize exposure. My recommendation is to start with educating yourself on what to look for and avoid in your products.

Step One: Watch Stink

Stink is a documentary produced by a dad who discovered the toxins laced in his daughter’s pajamas. There is so much to this story, and the reality of our toxin-filled world. Watch this film on Netflix to inspire your next step toward toxin-free living.

Step Two: Read the Facts

You can educate yourself about toxins pretty quickly by checking out the following resources:

Step Three: Start Ditching & Switching

Your first step is to get rid of any product that has the ingredient “FRAGRANCE” in it since that is the code word for “toxins we don’t want to tell you about.” You can use the Dirty Dozen resource and EWG to compare ingredients and replace your current ones with those available a Young Living.

Why You Should Choose Young Living

BENEFIT 1: The seed-to-seal promise gives you peace of mind that the products are toxin-free and infused with all the beneifts of essential oils

BENEFIT 2: When you join through purchasing a starter kit, you are getting your foundational wellness cabinet stocked with over $400 of products for less than half that price and access to all future purchases at 24% off the retail process. Consider the value of twelve bottles of essential oils for less than $14 a piece plus a free diffuser. It’s a low-cost investment for an incredible wellness return.

BENEFIT 3: When you join the Essential Rewards program, Young Living pays you to take care of yourself and your family. With minimum 50PV order per month, you get:

10% back months 1 – 3

20% back months 4 – 20

25% back after 20 consecutive months

Plus you get a free oil at months 3, 6, 9, and 12.

If you spend $100 a month, you get a free bottle of oil too! What other company pays you in cash back and free products to take care of yourself?

Use the Ditch and Switch checklist to plan which products you’ll switch to each month so that you can gradually afford to transition.

Keep in mind that many of the products are highly concentrated, especially the Thieves cleaner and laundry detergent as well as shampoos and conditions, so you want to dilute. Then the cost is no more, maybe even less than your current products. I’ve purchased only one refill bottle of Thieves Cleaner since October 2017 for $22 wholesale and I clean all my surfaces with it, including my kitchen counters sometimes multiple times a day! That’s a great deal!

What’s it worth to you to know that you’ve rid your home of the kinds of toxins that cause cancer, depression, anxiety, infertility, learning disorders, and illness?

Yes, it’s an investment to transition to toxin-free products. I was a naysayer for my entire adult life, not believing the consequence that can result from toxin-loaded products. But since transitioning to essential oil, toxin-free, whole food lifestyle, I’m a firm believer that what we put in and on matters.

Am I 100% perfectly healthy and toxin-free?

Nope, and I’m not sure that is realistic.

Will I one day be perfectly healthy and toxin-free?

Not likely while existing on this side of heaven.

However, I’ve reduced the symptoms I had before I transitioned. Plus I’m 30 pounds lighter, faster on the recovery from every-day illnesses, and managing my health in ways that aren’t creating additional side-effects.

Has it been hard to transition?

Not since I decided it was worth it.

Has it been expensive?

No, it has cost me next to nothing to ditch and switch because I’ve reallocated my budget AND Young Living has made it possible to get my products for free.

Want to find out how that can happen for you too?

Email me at elisa(at)itiswell(.)us and I’ll explain.

Yes, friend. You can ditch and switch to a toxin-free, wellness conscious lifestyle!

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