Whole30 Inspired Menus from ItIsWell.us #ItIsWell #Wellness #Whole30 #MenuPlanning

Simplifying Meals with Whole30 Inspired Menus

Is meal planning overwhelming to you?

Do you struggle to stay healthy because life is too busy to plan your meals?

Well, say hello to a new way of simplifying meal planning with a collection of Whole30 inspired menus!

After eighteen-years living at a boarding school, learning how to feed my family of six was completely daunting. If it wasn’t for the help of my oldest daughter, who loves to cook, we might have starved in that first-year post-boarding school.

Unfortunately, she headed off to college not long after we settled into our new home, leaving me to learn the ropes for myself. I certainly don’t have it down, but I’m learning to navigate menu-planning with a whole lot less “overwhelm,” especially since I’ve fully committed to eating whole food and reaping the benefits of eliminating my IBS symptoms and losing 30 pounds.

No matter where you are on your wellness journey, I’m here to help make the process of healthy meal planning simpler for you!

Of course, I’m also selfishly holding myself accountable with these weekly menus, so that I can continue being intentional about the food I prepare for my family.

Unlike the first 5 weeks of menus, which were entirely Whole30 compliant and offered 21 meal options per week, this menu and the ones to follow include a broader selection of Whole30 plus Paleo for greater variety.

You’ll also notice 15  instead of 21 meals options since I’m an advocate of leftovers and simplifying with go-to meals that don’t need a recipe.

Whole30 Inspired Menus from ItIsWell.us #ItIsWell #Whole30 #MenuPlanning

I’ve also included an ingredients list to make your shopping and preparation easier (and mine too). Plus, you’ll find a blank menu plan on the last day to make these meals work best in your schedule.

7-day Meal Plan from ItIsWell.us #itiswell #mealplanning

As an alternative to using the recommended herbs and spices, I also suggest the Vitality line of essential oils from Young Living, which is NON-GMO and FDA approved for cooking and ingesting. With over 85 drops per bottle, these oils will last you a long time and are always fresh. To get these oils at the wholesale price, grab a Starter Kit here and add your oils to your purchase. If you also opt-in for the Essential Rewards to earn an additional 10% back in points to use on future orders, you can request two free bottles of oils from me. (Email elisa(at)itiswell(.)us to request your freebies)!

You Pick 2 Free Vitality Oils from Young Living


So let’s get meal planning without all the overwhelmed undermining our wellness endeavors!


Get access to the Whole30 Inspired Menus

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Check back each Saturday for the next week’s menu added to the bundle.
Once you download the bundle, you’ll be emailed the new menu each week.

If you have questions or suggestions for your favorite Whole30 compliant meals or snacks, feel free to leave a comment! If this whole process of planning your meals overwhelms you, don’t hesitate to book a wellness consultation to chat about coaching you into wellness!

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