#Whole30 7-Day Menu Bundle

Making Your Wellness Simple with Curated Whole30 7-Day Menus

Does menu planning overwhelm you? Do you find yourself bleary-eyed when it comes to searching the internet or a cookbook for a recipe that is Whole30 compliant? I completely understand!

I’m not a foodie. I’m not a cook. After living at a boarding school for 18 years, I only learned how to fix a decent dinner for my family of six just four short years ago. As a full-time working mama,  I don’t have lots of time to spend shopping for whole foods or prepping meals, never mind delivering them to the table. However, I’m passionate about wellness and simplicity not only for myself but for you.

After experiencing the health benefits and weight loss as a result of my Whole30 journey, I’ve made a commitment to prioritize my health.

I want to help you do the same. So instead of doing the dinner scramble, I’ve batched planned my meals using the Whole30 Cookbook and Whole30 Slow Cooker cookbook along with a few websites recommended by Whole30 to make the journey of wellness simple.

#Whole30 7-Day Menu | #1


Each of the meals points to the recipe in one of the Whole30 cookbooks or a particular website along with a few tips-and-tricks to save time. There’s also a reminder to prep some of the meals the night before, indicated with the asterisk.

For our family, I typically only cook on the weekends and one night a week, as we’re happy to eat leftovers. For lunches, we often do leftovers as well.

If you’re not a cook, I’d recommend picking three dinner meals, two lunch meals, and one breakfast meal and double the quantity as a way to save on time and money!

Also, we’re not big fish people, so I didn’t include those options on this menu. You can substitute for the wonderful options in the Whole30 Cookbooks.

In addition to the Whole30 7-day menu, you’ll get a list of Whole30 Snack Options. The list is short, but that’s only because I didn’t list every single fruit and vegetable you can get your hands on!

#Whole30 Snack Options

If you have questions or suggestions for your favorite Whole30 compliant meals or snacks, feel free to leave a comment! If this whole process of planning your meals overwhelms you, don’t hesitate to book a wellness consultation to chat about coaching you into wellness!

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