The Toxin Wake-Up Call

The Toxin Wake-Up Call

There was a time not that long ago that I didn’t really care about what ingredients were in my products or food. I figured if they were made and distributed they must be safe. Who has time to read labels and decipher the ingredients? Maybe that’s exactly how you feel today? 

The first time I paid attention to the impact the toxins in the products we use on our bodies was during an introduction to essential oils workshop led by my friend Rachel. She shared how the average woman is exposed to more toxins in one day compared to what her grandmother was exposed to in a lifetime. That statement alone was enough to stop me in my tracks and make me take note of the products I was using. Yet, I still wasn’t ready to ditch everything and go organic. 

Around the same time, I also started my Whole30 journey to pinpoint the root cause of my health issues. In order to be Whole30 compliant, I had to read every food label to make sure it was actually a whole food without any added sugar or preservatives. I couldn’t believe how much “extra” I was putting in my body.

I was literally feeding myself into sickness, taking in detrimental ingredients that my body didn’t know how to process. 

That was truly my wake-up call to what is in our food and products.

With each pound I lost, I began to see the weight as evidence of what my body couldn’t process. By week four, I lost ten pounds. Six months later, I was 25 pounds lighter and at my healthy goal weight for the first time in over 20 years. 
Trust me, that weight loss wasn’t because I stopped eating while on Whole30! Instead, I ate food my body could actually process and convert to energy!
Kind of crazy that Whole30 is what turned up my passion for using oils instead of products filled with toxins. I’ve been ditching and switching ever since along with studying about the toxins in the products. Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie, write in Slow Death by Rubber Duck:

It’s been estimated that by the time the average woman grabs her morning coffee, she has applied 126 different chemicals in 12 different products to her face, body, and hair.

How many chemicals do you think you apply by 9 am?

Maybe, you’re like me, believing that toxins aren’t anything to be fussy about?

If you’ve never been a toxin-conscience kind of a gal, here’s my challenge for you:  Read every label on every food item or product you use over the next week. Then come back here and tell me you found.

Ditch and Switch

For example, month by month I’ve made ditched and switched these products:

  • bacon to prosciutto to avoid all the unnecessary sugar
  • any kind of granola bar to Lara bars
  • candles to diffusing oils
  • drug store lotions to homemade cream using oils and shea butter
  • variety of skin care to Young Living skin care
  • hodgepodge of makeup to Young Living Savvy Minerals
  • Glass Plus and Fantastick to Thieves Cleaner

Yep, I am exclusive to Young Living because with my membership pricing, I can get it at wholesale cost and earn credits towards free products, which makes it so much more affordable. So each month, I choose one more product to switch.

It literally feels awesome to be caring for my body — and my family. I wish I would have switched years ago when I first was introduced to Young Living. 

What is one food or product you can ditch and switch for the next step in your wellness journey?

If you’d like to get started, too, here’s the link to become a member by getting starter kit, which gives you access to wholesale pricing. I like the kit with the Dessert Mist Diffuser.  If you plan on ditching and switching so that you can earn credits as I have, be sure to click the button to enroll in Essential Rewards and place a $50 order each month to keep earning credits. You can cancel Essential Rewards at any time.

Did you know that I offer every one of my new Young Living sisters a free 60-minute strategy session to map out a wellness plan and understand how to use all the oils in the kit — 15 bottles — did I mention that?  

If you’re ready to take the next step, let me know! I’m here to help you along the way!

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