Becoming Passionate About Wellness and Oils

I never thought I’d become passionate about wellness and oils.

If you would have told me that I’d be coaching women into wellness, all because of my experience with essential oils and a whole food lifestyle, I would have said you were crazy.

But after finding a natural way to enhance my productivity, minimize stress, reduce physical pain, and care for my skin through the use of oils in addition to losing 25 pounds through transitioning to a whole food, toxic-free lifestyle, I’ve become passionate about helping women just like you find wellness for themselves and their family.

I’d love to help you discover the best ways to use oils in your life and move into your journey of wellness. 

You don’t need to stay stuck nor be overwhelmed about care for your wellness any longer.

You can experience simplified wellness today.

I’m here to help.

It Began with Clarity

What will become the reason you pivot wholeheartedly into wellness?

For me, it started with Clarity . . . a special essential oil blend designed to improve concentration ability.

But let me give you the backstory. See, I kept watching my friends who were using oils to care for their health and curiosity got the best of me. I snagged a cheapo diffuser with a mini oils kit to “try them out.” Honestly, I didn’t see any impact over a few weeks of trying different oils. Maybe you feel the same way.

About that time, my oily friend was over and graciously offered to show me the ropes, explaining that quality of the oils and proper usage matters much.

The next week, she gave me that special Clarity blend to try, as I had been sharing with her my struggle to concentrate in finishing up the manuscript for my book.

One week later, I clocked 40 hours in Word and finished final edits on the manuscript without increasing my coffee intake, taking a nap, or stressing out. That was all I need to take the plunge into using oils as a healthy way to care for my practical needs. What will be your gateway oil, as they said in the oily world?

One Step at a Time

Clarity was my gateway to wellness. I made the investment by getting quality oils and a diffuser and leaned into the guidance of my friend. Over the next year, I discovered that oils were a healthy way to meet many of my needs. I also realized I could ditch the toxins that were previously my norm.

Since starting with oils, I’ve transitioned not only myself but also my family. Yes, my originally skeptical science teacher husband is on board after seeing the impact on my health.

We now use oils for managing stress and anxiety, fighting off germs, cleaning the house and our clothes, caring for acne-prone and aging skin, and filling our home and my office with aromas that don’t risk burning the house down! I’ve also moved into a whole food diet, broke my sugar addiction, lost almost 25 pounds, and eliminated my lifetime struggle with gut issues. Amazing, right?

What might happen in your life, if you embraced the opportunity to think differently about wellness?

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